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Five Canyons Open Space (16 photos)
Five Canyons Open Space Preview Image
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Crestfield Circle Courtyard (3 photos)
Crestfield Circle Courtyard Preview Image Neighbors in the Whispering Oaks development near the new park on Crestfield Circle organized a celebration at the park on Friday March 26th at 6PM. Families showed their support for the new park by organizing a party with food, beverages and fun for all who attended. The one time empty lot was transformed into a neighborhood friendly park with a sitting area, granite pathway, dry creek and synthetic green lawn space. The recently completed park was approved by the current board members of Five Canyons Homeowners Association. Board Members who attended were pleased by the gathering and the positive comments by the residents who attended. If you have not seen the new park yet drive by and see a new improvement in our development with more to come! -Dean Montevago, Board Member
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The Curve (6 photos)
The Curve Preview Image In July 2010, the county cut a grooved surface into a portion of the roadway of Five Canyons Parkway in an effort to make the road safer during wet weather.
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Weed Wackers (9 photos)
Weed Wackers Preview Image In July of 2010, many residents were surprised to come across of heard of goats on the hillside surrounding Five Canyons Park. The goats were being used to cut back the brush that had grown during the previous months.
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Five Canyons Recreation Center (20 photos)
Five Canyons Recreation Center Preview Image The Five Canyons Recreation Center and Swimming pool is undergoing a huge landscaping modification project. The Project is designed in coordiation with Board member Dean Montevago and Pacheco Brothers Landscaping. Pacheco Brothers Landscaping is doing all of the work. This project is funded through the dues that you already pay for long term repairs and improvements.
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Five Canyons Clubhouse (30 photos)
Five Canyons Clubhouse Preview Image Contents of Building 11 – Eight foot folding tables, 11 – six-foot Folding Tables, 1 – Four foot folding round table, 160 Padded Folding Chairs, 1 Coat rack, Double gas oven, 5 burner gas range, 2 Sinks with disposals, 1 Dishwasher, 1 Large commercial upright freezer, 1 Large commercial upright refrigerator, 2 – 100 cup coffee maker, Large service counter, Gas burning fireplace, Easy to understand climate controls, Wall mounted chilled drinking fountain, Men’s restroom, Women’s restroom, Large outdoor patio area, Dance Floor, Sound system – 5-disc CD changer and two-deck cassette player – NO AM/FM RECEIVER The swimming pool and the entire pool area are not included in the rental. The swimming pool area cannot be rented by any one member of the association. In addition to the rental cost of $425.00, a fully refundable deposit of $375.00 is also required, as is an additional insured endorsement from your personal insurance provider for the Five Canyons Association. To check if a date is available for your event, Please email or call Management Kelly D. New Walsh Property Management Office (510) 888-8979 Fax (510) 538-7201
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